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I tried.

First of all the amulet conflicts with +1 summon from whispers. This mod should be on the amulet since it doesn't even have +1 NB ( Making BS hardcapping a bitch)

Resists are pretty bad also
Originally Posted by Evok View Post
I find it personally insulting to die to shit falling on my head
Originally Posted by Zantai
I don't have much sympathy
Originally Posted by Rhylthar View Post
Blade Barrier doesn´t really help. I have 3 seconds more to throw my mouse through the room.
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Originally Posted by mad_lee View Post
But dear Chton, Pierce Aegis Dervish or Paladin will deal literally no damage. Maybe make amulet support something like cooldown PB? (-1 s to recharge + flat vitality converted to pierce and chaos converted to pierce).
I think the reason why I don't support a Pierce PB idea is because on this particular item is because it already has a skill mod for NB I'd very much would prefer if it could be used to unlock pierce caster potential in another mastery.

As for them dealing no damage, it's not an issue. Once we get this skill mod us Pierce fanatics will bitch and moan till we get some Pierce Aegis support

I mean it worked when I made a Cold PB build in vanilla with zero support. Today we got fuck loads of support for it. Might as well give it a shot.
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I think you guys sometimes forget that many players don't have access to (nearly) all items. There should be a number of okay-ish placeholder items until you get the better ones.

If this is supposed to be one of those I would like it to have some more resists, though, as some may be hard to come by if you are still ways away from BiS-setup.
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