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Really hope the physical retail nerfs are not overkill. Literally every item I use in my phys retail build got nerfed except two or three.. As well as some Devos and Skills for retail/phys retail.

Hoping these changes were well tested and not just randomly added/thrown in. Would suck if it did end up being a over nerf(as it seems like it might be with how much was nerfed). As I have a lot of time invested into my phys retail character(I know it needed a nerf for sure but man these nerfs seem like they hit hard).

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Was on break for like 10 days, then I came back and have this patch with all of it's glory, good job
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wow hefty punch in the face for soldier. also LOL at Savagery... so for years EVERY point spent in ultimate ranks was wasted?

not sure how you "balanced around" that, considering the damage numbers would have just been static. glad to hear it's a net buff (assuming sub-ultimate numbers did not change at all)
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So i see that Occultist and Necro got confuse instead of terrify on a couple of skills. Welcomed change indeed. Though the transmuter for War Cry still has that chance of terrify (in GT, at least, haven't played in a while). Can we expect it to change to confuse, even though the transmuter itself is coined as Terrify? The name could be modified to something more suitable with the change and voila.
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